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virgil Fox (Jason Dolley) had a typical first day of high school—if you can call being hung up on a giant ram statue in cheerleader's clothes "typical." Four years later he's sitting at the cafeteria's nerd table, still trying to live down the events of that fateful day. But now his genius friend Charlie has come up with a way to reverse the curse. With the help of their new friend Zeke, Virgil and Charlie have built a bona fide time machine that lets them turn back the clock and fix embarrassing events before they ever happen. These three secret champions of the unfortunate call themselves the Minutemen, and they're fast becoming big men on campus. Of course there's a girl involved. Virgil is determined to win back the beautiful Stephanie by going back in time to change her mind. But toying with one's own fate can backfire. Now the whole world is hanging in the balance and hopefully Virgil will be just in time to be the hero.